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Operating as trained professionals to provide you with personal or electronic surveillance services. Private Detective Services are highly skilled in all areas of surveillance operations.


Private Detective Services

Fraud, surveillance, due diligence, accident reconstruction, expert testimony, witness locate, process service, civil investigation, corporate compliance, and skip tracing. Are merely a small fraction of our overall capability and reach. Private Detective Services is a full service private firm and detective agency.

Our agency offers a first-class investigative service. With partners domestically, as well as international. All investigators under Private Detective Services are trained in the most up to date investigative techniques and equipped with the latest in investigative tools and equipment.


“Another Form Of Surveillance”

Undercover operations amount to another form of surveillance, but in this method the investigator plays an active role in revealing criminal activities. For example, an undercover investigator might begin infiltrating an organization by adopting the same hobbies or jobs as the subjects. To gain acceptance within the organization and build trust, the investigator must also create a plausible cover story that explains his presence in the neighborhood.

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity investigations often referred to as “matrimonial” or “spousal” investigations require a specific skillset, uniquely applied to each individual investigation.

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody and child support investigations are among the most important services Private Detective Services provides. Understanding the intricate details of individual cases. Private Detective Services ensures you’ll receive our best efforts.

Criminal Investigations Services

Private Detective Services team of former law enforcement, detectives, federal law enforcement agents, and highly seasoned investigations. Ensures, no matter the complexities. Our agency provides superior confirmed results.

Background Investigations

Private Detective Services offers a complete range of personal, as well as business background investigation services. Our expertise within the areas of research, undercover operations, and due diligence continues to provide relevant information to a prospective spouse, business partner, employee, and vendors.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud can be one of the most challenging issues to prove. The type of investigation services required when dealing with fraud cases demands experience only seasoned Private Detective Services investigators can offer.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance investigations include fraud, yet there are many other types of insurance cases that require complex investigative work. Private Detective Services has the knowledge, specialized skill set, and available resources for such work.

Missing Persons & Skip Tracing

If a loved one is missing, Private Detective Services can provide dedicated investigative services, as well as serve as a liaison to supplement law enforcement agencies actively investigating your case.


“Facts Matter”

Private Detective Services believes that successful litigation depends on obtaining all and most importantly critical Information from victims, witnesses and any other individual who might be associated with the case.

Law firms and corporate in-house counsel call upon our expertise to gather all appropriate and necessary associated evidence as it relates to an active ongoing investigation. Private Detective Services provides a wide range of reliable, confidential legal support services including the assessment of expert witnesses, locating witnesses, and evaluating experts.

Private Detective Services investigators are seasoned former law enforcement and corporate litigation specialists with vast knowledge of litigation support techniques, combined with the ability to provide credible, expert testimony when required. Our staff’s analysis of evidence includes but is not limited to crime scene, computer forensic, accounting services, and workplace environment studies.

Private Detective Services investigators are trained and experienced in conducting investigations within a client’s “internal corporate guidelines” while adhering to all local, state and federal laws.


In addition to the variety of domestic and international investigative services Private Detective Services provides, our experience as a private detective agency spans a much wider range of services as well. If the services you need aren’t listed above, contact our team and ask how we may be able to help.

Exploring the Different Types of Private Investigation

An Private Firm worth his or her salt will provide potential clients with a free price quote before any investigation begins. Furthermore, the following types of investigations will be offered and can be tailored to your individual needs:

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