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In California, accidents are under constant investigation to determine if “accidental” events weren’t actually staged. Staged accidents happen every day, and that’s where Private Investigator USA comes in to determine the plausibility of claims by reproducing, simulating, or “reconstructing” the accident. By hiring a California licensed investigator, you can determine who is responsible for the accident and whether or not compensation is required by another party.

Why Choose Accident Reconstruction by Private Investigator USA?

Hiring Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators makes it much easier to prove the facts about your accident in the courtroom. Accidents often lead to injury and sometimes can be fatal — a majority of which occur at the workplace during operation of machinery. Our reliable and licensed California investigators help insurance companies, corporations, and more determine the likelihood that claims are true or false by reconstructing or simulating any events in question.

To build a convincing case, an accident reconstruction investigation may be necessary. The goal with accident reconstruction investigations is to build a persuasive case that you’re not at fault for the event. If your personal account stands alone (without an investigation to support your claims) it’s much harder to build a convincing argument. After a skilled California licensed investigator analyzes the accident, his or her testimony makes your claims more valid to the judge.

Exploring the Different Types of Accident/Reconstruction Investigations

Car accidents are the most common type of accident reconstruction investigation because so many occur daily. Licensed California investigators are called upon to ensure police departments, insurance companies, and their policyholders are working fairly and honestly as it relates to the case. With decades of experience in private investigations, California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA are able to investigate all kinds of accidents that happen in California (workplace, personal injury, marine, and more).

Reasons to Hire Private Investigator USA for California Accident Reconstruction

  1. To find the cause of an accident. Whether at work, someone’s home, or in public, accident reconstruction investigations may be needed to determine who is liable. Also, uncovering new details about the cause helps prevent reoccurence.
  2. Reduction of Liability after an accident. The top priority of an accident reconstruction investigation is to prove that you weren’t responsible for the outcome. If you’re uncertain of the cause, you may be held liable. That’s why we recommend calling a California licensed investigator without hesitation when accidents happen.
  3. Acquisition of Court-Admissible Evidence. Securing the testimony of a California licensed accident reconstruction investigator can seriously strengthen your argument. We commonly prove negligence to benefit clients who opt for accident reconstruction investigations.
  4. Peace Of Mind and Stopping Assumptions Private Investigator USA understands that uncertainty surrounding an accident can lead to all types of emotional distractions. Accident reconstruction investigations provide closure to people that need more information about serious accidents.

About Private Investigator USA’s Tech-Driven Approach to Accident Reconstruction

Every accident is unique in cause and effect, which is why every Private Investigator USA investigation varies in approach and execution. Here are some steps we take to ensure success in every California accident reconstruction investigation.

* The California licensed investigator’s report documenting the facts and observations from the location will be available to you (including photos, video or audio recordings, and/or written notes.)

NOTE: California accident reconstruction investigations involving vehicles are often more intensive and may require that we examine the following areas:

California licensed accident reconstruction investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event that you, an employee or a loved one has been in an accident.

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