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Curious what (or perhaps who) caused a fire near you? California wildfires have become much more common in recent decades, especially during the last five years. Private Investigator USA offers fire and arson investigations to help hold people or businesses accountable for the results. California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA can access forensic tools to help uncover new facts fast.

Following the investigation and thorough analysis of the site of the fire, a California licensed investigator from Private Investigator USA may openly testify in court to provide a qualified witness for the judge and jury. Our investigative techniques are completely legal, and the findings are used against suspects to bring you justice.

Note: Because fires are capable of destroying evidence completely, private investigators (even when accompanied by professional firefighters) may struggle to pinpoint a specific suspect. However, a California licensed private investigator is able to take the following steps.

Best Reasons to Hire a California Licensed Arson Investigator

Private Investigator USA employs California licensed arson investigators with deep knowledge of fire, capable of determining the following critical details to support your case logically:

Given arson is a costly crime, totalling billions of dollars in damages every year, it’s vital to find an experienced leader like Private Investigator USA to plan and execute your investigation. Unfortunately, arrests rarely follow investigations for arson because a California licensed investigator needs to be called during the fact-finding or discovery portion of the case (early on in the proceedings).

When Is a California licensed investigator Needed for Fire or Arson?

Fire and arson investigations at Private Investigator USA are used most often when:

What Happens During a Routine Arson Investigation?

When California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA are hired to support the fact-finding stage of an arson case, here is our approach.

Additional Surveillance and Background Checks for Fire and Arson

Many arsonists return to the location of the fire after the flames settle. Given such valuable information, Private Investigator USA offers surveillance to keep an eye on suspicious visitors to the scene of the crime. Additionally, criminal background checks are available from Private Investigator USA to investigate any potential witnesses or suspects.

California licensed arson investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event of fire or arson.

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