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California licensed investigator – Child Support and Custody

Private Investigator USA employs California licensed investigators for the protection and support of minors in child support and custody proceedings. California licensed investigators are hired during and after a divorce or legal separation to keep underaged children safe from potentially dangerous guardians. A California licensed investigator can legally conduct a fact-finding mission upon the request of a parent or the court.

Why California Licensed Investigators Are Important to Any Child Support or Custody Investigation

Children are the focal point for any reliable child support or custody investigator. Private Investigator USA has made case-changing discoveries in California child support and custody investigations for more than three decades. In custody cases, our investigations normally reveal patterns of abuse or neglect committed against the child (which can make a great difference in the eyes of a judge). In child support cases, our California licensed investigators usually discover new assets and income sources that prove the ability to make child support payments. Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators can make great improvements in the quality of your (or a loved one’s) child.

What Happens During California Child Support and Custody Investigations?

All investigations by Private Investigator USA are unique in planning and execution based on the case at hand. Some techniques that we commonly use include video tapes, audio recordings, surveillance, written statements. 

Our main concerns regarding child safety are what happens during parenting time, and ensuring the child faces no danger with their custodial or non-custodial parent. California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA will interview the parents (even witnesses) to better understand their memories and experiences caring for the child. 

A Routine Child Support or Custody Investigation Could Reveal the Following

Experienced California licensed investigators commonly discover details that lead to life-changing financial rewards for the child. A routine investigation of the child parents may show patterns of drug or alcohol abuse, criminal or gang involvement, reckless driving, and more. An in-depth investigation is recommended to find evidence of higher-level offenses.

California licensed child support and custody investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event that you, a friend, or a loved one is responsible for a child in need.

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