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During the internet age, private investigators have seen a steady increase in the importance of personal computers, cell phones, and tablets. In most cases there’s a fine line between criminal and civil violations; generally in cyber crime the act is doubly illegal. Our California licensed investigators are experts at extracting information from personal devices. In fact, damaged devices are often accessible and could still be holding valuable information.

What Is a Computer Forensics and/or Cybercrime Investigation?

Our California licensed investigators have investigated cybercrime for more than two decades and have seen it all. Private Investigator USA handles forensics and cybercrime separated, unlike most private investigation companies. Highly experienced California licensed investigators will determine which laws were broken according to evidence found in the device. California private investigators trained in forensics will gather and analyze data retrieved from cell phones, tablets, personal computers, and more.

Most often, cyber crimes are related to identity theft; however, any crimes that are committed through computers, smart devices, and the internet are called “cybercrimes”. The process typically begins with a virus, spyware, password phishing, or directly hacking into devices or databases to find and use the personal information for benefits.

How to Prepare for a Computer Forensics or Cybercrime Investigation

To ensure the fastest investigation, please prepare information on the devices we’ll be examining. For example, make a note of the device’s brand and model; also clear any passwords if you know them. Experienced California investigators at Private Investigator USA may be able to unlock the device, but saving this time ensures a much faster investigation.

What to Expect During the Investigation

California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA start cybercrime investigations by determining if any security risks exist on the device before adding our own security policies and software to extract the most relevant information. Protecting your privacy during the legal battle is top priority at Private Investigator USA and our California licensed investigators go the extra mile to prevent security issues.

Do You Need a Cybercrime or Forensic Investigator?

If you’re not sure that hiring a California licensed investigator is right for you in your current legal situation, consider a totally free consultation with a California licensed investigator specializing in cybercrime and forensics. Private Investigator USA recommends a preemptive investigation to stop any wrongdoing before it gets out of control.

California licensed forensics and cybercrime investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event that you, a friend, or a loved one is a target of cybercrime.

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