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Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators have been hired by law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and individuals since 1986 for routine investigations including electronic data discovery or e-discovery. Through electronic data discovery, California licensed investigators perform a comprehensive search for digital information that’s admissible in a court of law.

Understanding Electronic Data Discovery

Electronic data discovery is an option similar to cell phone forensics which reveals hidden information specifically to strengthen your argument for the courtroom. Documents uncovered and reviewed by electronic data discovery converted to PDF or TIFF for simplicity. California licensed investigators can sort through piles of potential evidence many times faster this way.

Private Investigator USA uses several techniques to crack cases for clients and newcomers in California, but each investigation is carefully planned and executed according to the case at hand. California licensed investigators will seek out interviews with IT experts, records keepers, lawyers, and forensic specialists. Expert California licensed investigators can confidently take on the highest-level cases using electronic data discovery.

What Happens During an Electronic Data Discovery Investigation?

Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators routinely use the following sources for data recovery:

California licensed investigators are hired by businesses, individuals, and more because many cybercrimes can be partially negated or completely prevented through electronic data discovery. Timing is critical to any investigation, and Private Investigator USA will begin the assignment quickly after a free initial consultation.

Private Investigator USA uses special software and techniques to discover information relevant to your case. In addition, California licensed investigators will make a digital copy of your hard drive which allows for continual investigation of the contents.

California licensed electronic data discovery investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly.

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