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California licensed investigator – Executive Protection

Private Investigator USA has kept Californian celebrities, wealthy individuals, and businesses safe from harmful or illegal activity since 1986. We’re learned from experience that any public figure (including high-ranking corporate executives) run a high risk of being targeted by criminals both physically and online. Private Investigator USA’s executive protection keeps security staff members nearby in several forms to ensure your safety at any location.

What is Executive Protection?

Executive protection at Private Investigator USA is a security service featuring:

Private Investigator USA provides safety, security, and peace of mind to individuals and businesses that have been threatened by criminals. We plan and execute assignments according to your specific needs so that private individuals and public figures are both thoroughly covered.

Executive protection by Private Investigator USA extends to business locations and private residences, plus you can arrange for a California licensed investigator to protect extended family members. Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators are hired most often to protect:

Executive Protection Services by California Licensed Investigators

California state agencies are the gateway to working professionally as a reliable executive protector or bodyguard. Private Investigator USA works legally and ethically to make life safe for yourself and your family or business. California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA offer around-the-clock protection services, and are experienced enough to assess threats and deescalate dangerous situations before problems arise.

California licensed executive protection is available at Private Investigator USA and strongly recommended for individuals, government officials, companies, shareholders, CEOs, celebrities, VIPs, extended family members, business partners, or children have been targeted by a criminal or may be under threat.

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