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What is an Asset Search?

California licensed financial investigators at Private Investigator USA make it easy to get a fast asset search and understand the results. Private investigation by Private Investigator USAhelps clients achieve due diligence which is critical to debt collection, hiring new employees, personal injury or workers’ compensation, and the authentication of financial documents for divorce or child support. California licensed financial investigators at Private Investigator USA use asset searches to reveal any hidden income sources or valuable assets.

An asset search is a reliable way to learn more about someone’s net worth. In many court cases, especially when money is on the line, defendants take action to hide evidence of their money, income sources, and valuable property. Asset searches by California licensed financial investigators at Private Investigator USA help prove that your defendant is capable of making payments (and how great the payments should be) given the assets under their possession.

In many cases, asset searches serve as a means of proving you’ve done your due diligence. In other cases, asset searches make the collection of debt or authentication of financial documents for child support or divorce proceedings much easier. Private Investigator USA can help by revealing the assets and liabilities currently under the defendant’s name.

If an asset goes missing or a defendant refuses to pay debts owed to you, California licensed financial investigators at Private Investigator USA can help. The following items are commonly found in asset search investigations by Private Investigator USA and help determine if the party in question is capable of paying you.

Assets That Private Investigator USA Discovers By Asset Search

What Happens During an Asset Investigation?

The specific planning and execution varies in each investigation conducted by Private Investigator USA. However, every investigation is similar in the diligence and effort we put in. For example, a background check is usually provided plus we look into the person or business’s financials and offer surveillance. Private Investigator USA helps clients and newcomers recover losses in court by bringing a defendant’s assets to the forefront of the trial.

Why Is a California Licensed Financial Investigator Needed?

A California licensed asset search provider like Private Investigator USA is necessary to reveal the most relevant information for your case. Many websites offer details about people and businesses, but they’re unable to access official document databases that are available to California licensed asset search providers.

We’re glad to inform you about the security of assets before doing business with the wrong people. If your deal is done already, California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA will support you in getting your money or assets back. It may be impossible to reveal necessary information without hiring a California licensed financial investigator.

California licensed financial investigators have the unique right and ability to determine if an individual or business has provided false information — including faking their name, hiding their assets, previous judgments, fraud, and more. California licensed financial investigators are here to assist you with the courtroom and maintain your regular business practices.

Asset Investigations Offered by Private Investigator USA’s California Licensed Financial Investigator

Private Investigator USA offers two types of asset search investigations: Corporate Asset Searches and Individual Asset Searches. More specific investigations are available for each category. The full list of asset search investigations offered by Private Investigator USA is below.



California licensed asset search investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event that you, an employee or a loved one is involved with the collection of debt, probate matters, child support, divorce, pre-marriage or engagement, or personal injury. 

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