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California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA oversee several types of investigations. Most case types have a matching investigation, like fraud investigations for fraud cases or asset search for child support cases. Sometimes, random and unusual situations lead to court cases that must be investigated. Reliable California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA can plan and execute an investigation related to any case type.

Exploring the Benefits of a General Private Investigation

Fast and accurate California licensed investigators can reveal new information about any person or business related to your case. Private Investigator USA organizes fact-finding missions to support cases for clients and newcomers. In order to produce evidence that’s admissible in court, a California licensed investigator must lead the way. Our California licensed investigators have 35 years of experience aiding law firms, insurance companies, government agencies and more; new clients chose Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators in 2020 because:

What Is Considered a General Private Investigation?

The services provided for your investigation will determine the label for your investigation. Because labeling generally affects pricing for Private Investigator USA investigations, a “general private investigation” may lead to cost savings. In any case, your investigation will be labeled according to Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigator’s best judgment. Private Investigator USA offers very fair and upfront pricing for every assignment. If you have questions, we’re glad to answer them.

Private Investigator USA makes private data collection, process service, and legal assistance available to law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, corporations, and individuals in California. Since 1986, Private Investigator USA has been a top private investigation firm satisfying long-time clients and newcomers by protecting their investments and providing peace of mind by making law simple.

Individuals dealing with a wide scope of legal and personal challenges lean on Private Investigator USA to find new information for the courtroom. California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA are specialists at discovering facts related to marital infidelity, child custody, caregiver surveillance, and more. Clients of Private Investigator USA are grateful to know thorough investigators that willingly testify in court alongside them. The value of an expert testimony backed up by actual facts cannot be understated.

Many members of our staff have been trained by the police initially before extending their investigative experience with our private firm. We employ forensic document examiners, expert interviewers, and work closely with authoritative agencies for info related to credit checks, debt collection, and financial fraud. Imagine how many cases we’ve cracked in nearly 40 years working as California licensed investigators and detectives for California, Arizona, and Colorado.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Include:

Our California licensed investigators are required to pass rigorous criminal background checks to ensure trustworthiness and privacy for clients and newcowers. Everyone involved with your case has been investigated for insights into their character, history, and ethics.

To make case-changing discoveries, California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA use the most modern detective technology including innovative surveillance equipment. Our strategies, techniques, and protocols as California licensed investigators are constantly updated. The best investigations combine cutting-edge technology, fact-based logic, deductive reasoning, on-site detective work to produce new findings for your case.

Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators recommend a multi-disciplinary approach to private investigation. Surveillance technology, even in its most advanced forms, requires the oversight of a highly experienced California investigator. Plus, the most effective detective work takes place in person. Private Investigator USA clients and newcomers benefit from our 35 years of experience and training, industry-leading technology, courtesy in customer service, and expert testimony based on facts found in a professional investigation.

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