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Private Investigator USA has protected the identities of private individuals and celebrities in California for more than 30 years. Identity theft is one of the most serious situations that occurs in the modern world, and California licensed identity theft investigators at Private Investigator USA know every legal way to search for answers. We regularly work with local law enforcement to execute in-depth investigations that preserve the present and future circumstances for clients and newcomers alike.

In many cases, identity theft begins with personal, private information that’s sold to untrustworthy companies or individuals. The internet makes identity theft more common than ever, but California licensed identity theft investigators can legally take the steps that lead to justice for you.

Things You Need to Know About Identity Theft Investigations

The consequences of identity theft vary, but can be incredibly large in the worse-case scenario. Victims of identity theft report losses including credit score points or years of life spent in prison innocently. California licensed investigators are the only legal solution to identity theft because evidence found on your own will not be admissible in court.

Private Investigator USA recommends hiring a private investigation firm instead of local law enforcement because the police have many duties and limited time to invest in your case. Many local police stations keep a private investigator on staff, but Private Investigator USA makes the same highly experienced investigators (and all of their services) available for all Californian court cases. Clients prefer our California licensed identity theft investigators because they start ASAP and testify in court with evidence found in the investigation.

Understanding How Identity Theft Occurs

Identity theft can happen to the best of us; in 2019 this happened to Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon and richest man in the world at the time) when personal information was stolen from his phone. Highly experienced criminals are capable of getting the information they want without a mistake taking place on your end. California licensed identity theft investigators are here to protect your information from dangerous exposure online.

Most often, identity theft happens once private documents have been leaked online or shared with the wrong people. Documents related to social security, birth, property ownership, and more commonly lead to identity theft. California licensed investigators are prepared to search for a suspect and evidence of wrongdoing. The biggest factor in a successful investigation is timing; never hesitate to contact a specialist when your identity is on the line.

Who has the Greatest Risk of Identity Theft in America?

Anyone experiencing identity theft should be confident that the problem can be solved quickly. Identity theft is common and California licensed private investigators at Private Investigator USA have the experience necessary to protect you. Share the specifics of your situation in a free consultation with us, and we’ll show you a way back to normalcy fast.

15 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft from Happening to You

The first step to properly stopping identity theft is to secure the remaining unleaked information. Our California licensed identity theft investigators can help you with this. More advice on how to stay safe from identity theft is below:

  1. Do business with only the most reputable companies.
  2. Ask for credentials and references whenever you can.
  3. Never give out personal information if you feel as though the other party will use it for purposes other than the ones stated.
  4. Never give out your social security number over the phone.
  5. Do not keep your social security number in your purse or wallet.
  6. Keep all important physical records and original copies locked in a secured safe.
  7. Never share your birth date or place of birth on social networking sites.
  8. Keep secure data safe with passwords.
  9. Record your passwords and keep them in a secure place.
  10. Change your passwords frequently.
  11. Check your financial information and bank statements on a regular basis.
  12. Refrain from using public Wi-Fi hotspots to do business on your mobile device or PC.
  13. Pay attention to who might be listening when sharing information over the phone or at the ATM.
  14. Shred any documents that contain sensitive information.
  15. Never open emails if you are unfamiliar with the sender.

When to Hire a California licensed investigator

A California licensed investigator will help uncover security issues with your personal accounts that may not be noticed otherwise (until it’s too late). Identity theft investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event that you, an employee or a loved one has had their personal information leaked or identity hacked.

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