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Private Investigator USA employs the most reliable California licensed investigators to keep fraud from happening to you or your business. Law firms, insurance companies, and government agencies choose Private Investigator USA to determine if misrepresentations have been made with the intent to deceive. Our California licensed fraud investigators specialize in preventing losses by finding clues and evidence that can support your case or contradict the opposing side.

What Is a Routine Fraud Investigation?

Every fraud case and investigation is different. Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators will meet with you to discuss the case and cover the best investigative, forensic, and surveillance techniques to support your case and build a stronger argument. Private Investigator USA knows from experience that a thorough background check or asset search can make a great difference in fraud cases.

What Are the Different Types of Fraud Investigation?

Fraud is most commonly a “white collar” crime, but not always. Private Investigator USA is prepared for any fraud scenario, and there are several common types. With nearly 40 years in business as California licensed fraud investigators, Private Investigator USA does expert-level discovery to support insurance companies, law firms, government agencies, and more with false insurance claims, workers compensation, personal injury cases, identity theft, and corporate investigations.

5 Tips for Helping with a Fraud Investigation

Legality and ethics prevent individuals from searching for answers themselves, but hiring a reliable California licensed investigator solves both problems at once. Our evidence is admissible in court because we’re a California licensed fraud investigation firm. 

Understanding the Difference Between Fraud and Lying

From time to time, a harmless lie appears in the mix of information. This isn’t always fraud. Keep in mind, the intention to deceive is critical to fraud cases. Lies don’t always cause injury, but fraud does. Fraud is done for personal gain, and this happens every day so we encourage you to double check using a California licensed private investigator specializing in fraud. 

California licensed fraud investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly if you suspect fraud in California. To hire a California licensed investigator immediately, dial (559) 248-1030. Call and receive your free consultation and price quote from a California licensed private investigator today.

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