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Many law firms, insurance companies, and corporations consider California licensed investigators the only solution for judgment recovery. If you’re curious about options you can take to receive money owed to you, contact the California licensed judgment recovery specialists at Private Investigator USA.

What Is Judgement Recovery?

Judgment recovery and debt collection go hand-in-hand; however, if you plan to collect a judgment, you must have a court order first. California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA can track down and retrieve your money if a person or business isn’t paying you after the court order is official. Our California licensed investigators use the following methods, and more to solve you case:

In many cases the borrower under judgment is unreliable and failure to pay following a court order is more common than you may assume. If this happens to you, contact our California licensed investigators to continue legal action and recover your judgment immediately.

Your defendant may try to hide assets during the lawsuit, but assets and income sources can’t hide from Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators. Beyond an asset search, we can track, trace, and locate the defendant to help ensure your payment is received. If you’re a creditor responsible for the pursuit of your own recovery, a California licensed investigator is necessary to produce admissible evidence.

What Is a Writ of Execution?

A judge may order a Writ of Execution when debts aren’t paid in full; writs of execution are also court orders. However, these forms call for the repossession of a property to pay off the debt because payments haven’t been made. A writ of execution often mandates the following possibilities:

Contact a California licensed investigator right away to pursue your recovery privately. Relying on local law enforcement may lead to much longer delays than contacting a private firm.

What Can a California Licensed Investigator Do During a Judgment Recovery Investigation?

For most cases, hiring a California licensed investigator is both smart and necessary. Timing is the most critical factor to any investigation. All sorts of advantages come with starting fast and early. Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators dedicate much more time and effort to your investigation than the police can. Consider how many cases we’ve cracked over our 35 years in business. Local law enforcement investigations tend to stop short of results, but you can count on Private Investigator USA to stay diligent in pursuit of your payments by:

Quest PI uses evidence found in our judgment recovery investigation to:

Payments expected from 8 out of 10 court orders are never collected because further steps are needed. California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA recommend that you never lose hope in debt collection. It’s only a matter of time before we have the information needed to recover your losses.

California licensed judgment recovery investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event that a stubborn borrower owes a debt to you, your business, or a loved one. 

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