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California licensed investigator – Missing Person Investigations

Over our 35 years in business as California licensed investigators, we’ve seen a striking increase in the number of missing person investigations. Though any investigation is top priority at Private Investigator USA, our California licensed investigators take no assignment more seriously than missing person investigations. We’re experts at tracing, tracking, locating, and ultimately serving the criminals as well. 

Facts About Missing Persons in America

The FBI’s National Crime Information Center claims that nearly one million people go missing every year(plus many missing persons are unreported). Because most people that go missing are children and young women, Private Investigator USA gives increased attention to all missing person investigations. 

In many cases, the law stands between the local law enforcement agencies and justice for victims. For example, many missing person investigations by local police don’t begin until the missing person has been missing for a set length of time.The police need to make sure the person is missing before investing their time and effort. However, these rules may take more time than the missing person can spare.

Private Investigator USA’s California licensed investigators will begin by listening closely to your details and immediately planning a search. We understand the seriousness of your situation and take your word more seriously than the police. This is proven by how quickly we spring into action to locate the person you need. 

Reasons for Hiring a California Licensed investigator for a Missing Person Investigation

Whether someone is missing or you simply miss them, contact Private Investigator USA about legal options available for tracing, tracking, and locating anyone. Below is a list of the most common reasons to call a California licensed investigator.  

California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA use the following methods and more to locate targets:

California licensed missing person investigators at Private Investigator USA strongly recommend acting quickly in the event that you, an employee or a loved one has gone missing. 

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