Private Investigator USA plans and executes the monitoring of a person or business location to produce evidence of wrongdoing that’s actually permissible in court. Our California licensed investigators produce photo, video, and audio for your use in court. 

What Is Video and Photo Surveillance?

Private Investigator USA only employs experts at planning and executing surveillance and private investigations. We can legally set up cameras and microphones to carefully watch a location or multiple locations that a target visits often. Similarly, high definition still images are taken by digital cameras. Private Investigator USA’s California licensed private investigators willingly testify in court alongside our clients. This sort of expert testimony should not be underestimated.

Never forget, the production or acquisition of photo, video, or audio must be facilitated by a certified professional. Doing this work on your own is prohibited by law. That’s why California licensed private investigators are hired by law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, large and small corporations, and more.

Types of Video and Photo Surveillance

Private Investigator USA approaches manual and electronic surveillance differently for each case. There is no “one size fits all” investigation. Talented and experienced California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA do their due diligence by considering all legal and relevant forms of investigative assistance before beginning. Our three most common techniques include:

Choosing the Best Video or Photo Surveillance

By choosing Private Investigator USA, we’ll help you decide which investigation is right for the case and you have a choice of the equipment our California licensed investigators use to capture your photo and video evidence. 

We encourage clients and newcomers to bring any specific questions or concerns to a totally free consultation with our California licensed surveillance specialists. This is a critical step because it helps us find ways to go above and beyond completing your assignment. A list of our most commonly used equipment is below:

Whether you need photo, video, or audio surveillance, California licensed investigators at Private Investigator USA are prepared to take your questions and begin an assignment ASAP. In addition to legally and remotely monitoring your subject, all of our finding are admissible in court and we’re willing to join you to provide expert testimony using the evidence we’ve uncovered. Dial (559) 248-1030 or fill in the forms below and we’ll reach out to you immediately. 

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